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How we generated 300% more conversions, decreasing the cost per conversion by 32% through Google Ads

This client is a well-known real estate developer with completed and ongoing projects in Brasov. Alphaville Arena is an authentic real estate project that reestablishes the limits of innovation and professionalism, with apartments of 1,2,3 or 4 rooms. We have been working with this client since 2021, and the constant optimization brought to the account has helped us obtain the desired results.
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The challenge

At the moment of the takeover, our team noticed several technical errors. Even if the client wished to obtain contact forms or phone calls, Google Ads did not track these two events, and thus, the algorithm could not be optimized in this respect.

Another aspect that stood out was at a strategic level. The client was running Search campaigns, but all keywords were placed in the same ad group, so there was no clarity for the end client. Even if the Goole platform recommends that we have 10-15 keywords in an ad group, we do not stand by this strategy. Why? This is obvious – because we cannot have ads that cover such a widespread search base since the quality score of every word will be very low. A low-quality score will bring higher costs since it needs to compensate for the lack of quality.

In the case of Search campaigns, our specialists usually examine three quality indicators: Expected Click-Through Rate, Ad Relevance, and Landing Page Experience. To get high quality for every indicator, we have created a set of procedures every specialist must follow. After they are implemented, we get an “average/above average” score.

It is very important to have high-quality scores because, during bidding, the algorithm determines the position of your ad according to the CPC Bid x Quality Score. Therefore, the first account modifications were made to the level of words and an ad group. Automatically, the quality score went up.

When the account was taken over, our colleagues identified several mistakes.

Being an industry where competition is fierce, with many developers present in the advertising space, Alphaville has enough confidence to allocate a much higher marketing budget. This is how goals were set higher compared to the previous period. The most important objective was lowering the cost per conversion, which had to stay under a monthly threshold of RON 300. Complementary to this objective, the expectation was that these Google Ads campaigns generate as many forms sent to potential clients for apartment purchases as possible.

  1. The increase in the number of conversions
  2. Conversion cost under RON 300

Starting point

The client was already running Google Ads campaigns, and the agency change could have automatically led to a period with fewer conversions. Since the client was using Google Ads to generate leads for the sales team, they quickly understood that there was no room for interruption, and our team just took up the campaigns and the account and ran with them. After solving the platform’s technical setup, we “cleaned” the main Search campaign without starting any new ones.

Each new campaign needs 14-21 days until it gets optimized and until it learns whom to display ads to – the well-known Learning period. Our colleagues created ad groups in the main campaign, each with a maximum of 10 keywords. The ads were written closely connected to the keywords, and the Landing Page was chosen according to the keywords.

After this campaign division, we very carefully followed the cannibalization of the ad groups. Where a group consumed its budget and generated results, it was taken out into a separate campaign.

The Assigned team

1 Senior PPC Specialist

1 Copywriter

1 Graphic Designer

1 Account Manager

The strategy

Before launching the campaigns, our colleagues in the technical department revised all settings in Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager, making sure that the tracking was functional, that the remarketing lists were correctly drafted, and that the data for the sending of the offer inquiry/ contact forms are as correct as possible. Regardless of whether these settings have been previously made, upon taking over any account, our team has the task of checking these accounts again to ensure there are no other issues. We are working on procedures and well-defined checklists; all the elements are being hand-checked.

After verifying these technical settings, we went into the market research phase, followed by the shaping of the marketing strategy. Since we had a good budget at our disposal, one that allowed us to structure campaigns this way, we focused on Search campaigns dedicated to each type of apartment, respectively, for general searches, which do not also contain the type of apartment (with the number of rooms), with a local, national and international target. Also, apart from these campaigns, whose purpose was to generate conversions, we created Awareness campaigns for the cold audience and Remarketing for those who went online but did not convert.

In both cases, we used Display and YouTube campaigns, and the difference was made in the creative content used according to the established goal. It is important that the visuals used for the cold audience, for example, be different from the ones used for the public who already knows the product/ service

(Google Ads :: Video preview demo – example of a video dedicated to the cold audience; Google Ads :: Video preview demo– example of video for remarketing).

(example off banner used in the Display campaigns – the presentation of an offer which has led to plenty of traffic on the website, and, in the end, conversions)


Alongside this campaign, we also implemented a YouTube campaign with a dedicated video for those who see the purchase of an apartment as an investment opportunity. (Google Ads :: Video preview demo).

With this granular marketing strategy, we could see which types of apartments were in higher demand or which types of campaigns were responsible for more traffic on the website. With this data and knowing the direction we wish to take, scaling the account has become much easier, with more accessible goals.

The results

The results below were registered in the August 2022 – January 20223 period, compared to the August 2021 – January 2022 period.

– 32.65%

Decrease of the conversion cost

+ 297.19%

Increase in the number of Google Ads conversions

+ 78.87%

Increase in the ad display rate

+ 290.05%

Increase in the number of impressions

+ 51%

Increase in the engagement rate

Communication with the HOLD team is easy, as they are always open to using all existing channels, are solution-oriented, and are quick to solve our requests. I strongly recommend the HOLD Marketing services to those looking to work with a team they can trust. All the team members are well-trained, professional, and highly involved in what they do. The team is young, enthusiastic, and updated on everything new in their industry.

Anca Emilia Lăcătuș
Alphaville Arena
We emphasize open and productive collaboration for both parties. When clients trust our expertise and the experience of our specialists, the results follow. Since 2017, we have managed to partner with companies looking to invest in marketing strategies applied to their industry, with all the necessary tools to scale the results.

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