How we generated a ROAS of 22.92 in two months from scratch

E-camere is a Romania-based company that projects, installs, and maintains security systems and sells professional security equipment from top brands.
Paid Media

The challenge

The account had 0 results, 0 campaigns, and 0 activity. What did we do?

Before starting the collaboration with us, the client had not run Facebook Ads, so the entire strategy and account structure were created from scratch.

Established objectives:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Increase in Website Traffic
  4. Conversions and Sales
  5. Engagement

Starting point

The first step was a detailed analysis of the business and competitors. Only after this step did we sketch out an advertising strategy, set up an ad budget with the client, and soon enough, start advertising.

Further on, we offered support and information for setting up the account and adding pixels on-site.

Positions covered

Pentru acest proiect, au fost alocați următorii specialiști

PPC Specialist

Facebook Ads

Account Director

Social Media Manager

Graphic Designer

The Strategy

Here are the strategies and tactics that have paved the way to tangible results.

First, we decided to start with an engagement campaign as an initial phase in creating a full funnel. For this campaign, we used an audience made up of people aged between 25 and 55 who were interested in smart tech, gadgets, and surveillance systems. As a visual component, some selected posts were first put on the page.

Apart from this campaign, we did a parallel one with a sales component optimized for add-to-cart. We chose to go with this campaign, in the beginning, to train the pixel before optimizing for sales. I used an audience similar to those who appreciated the Facebook page, and in less than one month, we collected 82 cart ads.

The first optimized sales campaign followed in the next few days, as we started a discount campaign on the website, which we also decided to advertise on Facebook. We used this audience made out of people interested in technology, and total sales in this campaign were over RON 17,000.

For any business, it is very important to retarget the people who have shown interest in some of the products sold. Therefore, creating a retargeting campaign for the people who have seen the products on the website or have even added them to the cart was a natural step.

Analyzing campaigns throughout time, we noticed many people who had added products to the cart but did not complete the order. To give them an extra reason to complete the order, we implemented a discount code that is available in the cart for any order.

As expected, the campaign started reaping results after its first days of ad running. Therefore, we can deduce that most times, we need a little incentive, an extra reason to make a purchase.

An advertising strategy would not be complete without a traffic campaign. For this, we used the same audience of people interested in tech, from which we excluded those who have already interacted with our business to keep addressing a new public. Visually, we opted for the use of less general images.

The conversion campaign is also a necessity for any e-commerce account. Testing is very important for us PPC specialists, so we usually need to test various creative ideas and audiences to find out what will work best for us.

For this client, the very good results have led to a dynamic ad in which we promote a category of products on-site, otherwise the best-sold items throughout time.

We used a lookalike audience after those who have visited the respective category to address people likely to be interested in the products. Since we mentioned the testing, we used three different creative types of content in this campaign: dynamic carousel, single image, and collection ad, the latter proving to be the winning one.

The results

Although there is no recipe for success regarding Facebook advertising strategy, especially for an account that has never run ads, there are a few steps to consider.

First of all, the detailed analysis of the business to be promoted, the competitors, and the targeted audience we will be addressing. The structure of the campaigns is another very important step; the success of your business depends on this. Having a Facebook sales funnel and the right campaign for each phase is important.

The success of a business does not depend solely on well-done campaigns. It comprises several factors, from how the site is built, how the products are presented, and how clients in need of assistance are given any form of help to the tone of voice in social media and the overall image of the business.

Before deciding to purchase, especially regarding products of greater value, shoppers will most often look to all these elements and compare the brand and the products with those of the competition.


ROAS total


ROAS conversion campaigns


Cost/conversion within the conversion campaign

79 lei

Cost/Total account conversion

I am very pleased with the level of involvement and professionalism the team constantly displays. Their specialists are dedicated to our project and constantly come up with innovative ideas that have helped us improve our performance and reach our business objectives. I am inclined to think that this will be a long-term collaboration.

Adrian Pirlogea
As of 2017, we began to make a name for ourselves as a top Paid Media agency for companies interested in investing in digital marketing. We have all the necessary resources, but most of all, we have the right specialists to support a complex and highly specific marketing strategy that meets our client's expectations.

Andrei Manolache

Account Director

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