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How we generated 4891% more conversions, increasing the ROAS by 52,4%

This client is a well-known medical uniform producer on the Romanian market. Since 1999, their products have been handmade in the company’s workshop from quality materials such as 100% cotton (97% cotton for the stretch fabric). We have been working with them since 2023, and the consistent optimizations to the account have helped us deliver the desired results even more.
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The challenge

When our team took over the account, we noticed a few technical errors. Even if the client wished to obtain sales from the website through the Meta Ads platform, the Meta platform duplicated the purchase event, and the algorithm would have received the wrong data.

Once the technical errors were solved, we ensured the registered data were correct within the necessary parameters. Therefore, we could now start new strategies to train the Pixel correctly.

Apart from the technical situation, the account strategy was focused on engagement > post-engagement campaigns. These campaigns are recommended as the basis for a full-funnel, supporting other advertising objectives.

The next step after the correct setting of events was creating a strategy that would include conversion campaigns.

We started the strategy plan with the following objectives:

  1. The client wanted to increase the number of orders on the website.
  2. A minimum ROAS of 10 to make it a profitable account.

Starting point

The client was already running engagement-oriented campaigns in the Meta Ads account that promoted some existing Facebook posts. These campaigns were bringing in conversions, but the set objective and the daily budget were limiting the conversion volume.

We stopped the active campaigns in the account and redid the structure.

The assigned team

Senior PPC Specialist

Social Media Manager

Graphic Designer

Account Manager

The strategy

The first phase in creating the strategy was the minute analysis of the account and competitors. To structure ideas even better, we needed to understand the client’s business and to know the competitors.

The account was at a point where it needed fast growth but, more importantly, profitable growth.

The first phase was more difficult, with a set budget limit, and we adapted to it for the initial strategy.

By analyzing the accounts from various perspectives, we noticed its potential and courageously set out on the road to advertising through campaigns whose objectives were conversions.

We decided to split the allocated budget for 2 big campaigns, both set for conversion objectives:

  1. The campaign addressed the audience between 25 and 55 based on healthcare and medical services interests.
  2. The campaign addressed the remarketing audience: site visitors and people interacting with the brand on Social Media.

First, we promoted products broadly and opted for dynamic carousel ads with catalog-type product displays. We modified the product feed and website for this type of campaign to make their display impeccable.

After a time in which we let the set campaigns run, constantly optimizing the account, we were able to analyze the data obtained. After the analysis, we decided to extend the advertising to various other product categories, in individual sets, and on various audiences.

We have set new campaigns and a conversion objective, choosing a new Lookalike audience after the purchase event. We opted to promote stretch uniforms for this audience, as these products are among the most wanted.

Another type of campaign, which is also a MUST-HAVE for any account with high traffic and on-site activity, is the dynamic campaign for abandoned carts. This audience is only one step away from completing the order, and we need to support this process to remind the user of the products added to the cart.

Along with these conversion campaigns, which we scale in different ways, we have also set up a post-engagement campaign, which is the basis for a strategic advertising funnel.

An important step in developing a brand is connecting with the target audience. An open and consistent communication will lead to good results in the long run.

Our team in the Social Media department ensures that this information is perfect, and we, in the PPC department, ensure that this information reaches as many people as possible.

The results of an account must be analyzed from several perspectives, and it would be wise not to stop only at what we observe on the used platform.

With this idea in mind, we started the entire strategy of the Femina Medical account. The scaling process had become easier since we knew where we were going.

All of these have led to the stabilization of the account and the reaching of our goals.

The results

The results below were registered in the February 2023 – March 2023 period and were compared to the previous months of December 2022 and January 2023.

+ 4891%

The number of conversions in the Meta Ads account increased

+ 5702%

The increase in the value of orders

+ 52.4%

The growth of the account ROAS

– 23.7%

The decrease of the conversion cost

+ 1144%

The increase in the number of people who have seen the ads

We couldn’t be happier with HOLD Marketing. Their involvement in our success, data-based solutions, and deep marketing knowledge have helped us get the best results.

Madalina Luca
Femina Medical
Since 2017, we have started to establish ourselves as a leading agency in Paid Media for companies interested in investing in digital marketing. We have all the necessary resources to support a complex and specific marketing strategy, offering strategies that meet the objectives of our clients (an example of this is Femina Medical).

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