How we improved campaign results through Google CSS in Shopping placements

Pervita is a company with over a decade of experience in home medical care, dedicated to providing solutions and high-quality medical products to people with disabilities. Working in close contact with some of the most prestigious companies in the medical field, Pervita offers its clients a varied array of products, from modern treatments to essential equipment for home care.
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The challenge

The Plural Medical company, specializing in the online sale of medical products necessary to disabled people and those needing medical care at home, was recommended by the agency to integrate Google CSS Partner by Smec in its Shopping campaigns. In this case study, we will analyze the impact of this decision on the performance of campaigns in the Google Ads account.

By comparing the data of the past 3 months from implementing Google CSS Partner by Smec (10.11.2023 to 07.02.2024) with the 3 previous months (12.08.2023 to 10.11.2023), when they did not have CSS to benefit from, we can see that the monthly budgets were steady, the traffic was the same, and the products and promos remained unchanged.

Obiectivele propuse:

  • To grow the number of visits
  • To grow the CTR
  • To grow the number of conversions
  • To increase the Conversion Value and the ROAS
  • To decrease the conversion cost

Starting point

The first step was finding a way in which the campaign results do not stagnate but increase consistently. This way, we started taking the necessary steps to implement Shopping campaigns in the Google Ads, Google CSS Partner by Smec account.

Positions covered

Senior PPC Specialist

Google Ads

Account Director

The strategy

Integrating Google CSS Partner by Smec in the Shopping campaigns.

What is CSS Shopping and how does it work?

CSS Shopping refers to the process in which the Comparison Shopping Services bids to place Shopping ads on the general pages of Google Search in the name of merchants it represents. In reality, Google Shopping acts like a CSS, bidding in the name of its sellers alongside other CSS entities.

Why a CSS Partner?

  • 20% CPC cut (immediate profit increase);
  • A bidding advantage. There is no 20% refund/ cash back/ etc. However, Google offers CSS partners this bidding advantage to balance the situation, so to say, and to allow other CSS partners an equal shot at offering their service to the final user, the potential clients;
  • The potential to double their presence in ads;
  • A growth opportunity (if the savings of 20% are reinvested in the companies, they will have a return inward).

How can I sign up for CSS Shopping Partner?

Different options are available, but we advise opting for a CSS Shopping Premier partner. You can find these partners here and pick the one best suited to you, your business, and your objectives.

The results

Boost the number of clicks: The number of clicks has increased by 18,92% after integrating the CSS partner. This shows better visibility of ads and increased interest from users for products.

Boost the CTR (click-through rate): The CTR has increased by 19.86%, reflecting a more relevant ad placement for users and an improvement in campaign performance in bringing in clicks.

Boost the number of conversions: The number of conversions has registered a significant increase of 26,14% after integrating the CSS partner. This suggests a more efficient transformation of visitors into clients.

Boost Conversion Value (the value of conversions) and of the ROAS: The Conversion Value has increased by 26%, and the Return on
Advertising Spend (ROAS) has increased by 22,06%. These increases indicate a higher value generated by the advertising campaigns and an improved return on investment.

Decrease in conversion cost: The conversion cost has decreased by 21,92%, thus reflecting more efficient spending of the advertising budget to obtain a conversion action.

Integrating Google CSS Partner by Smec in the Shopping campaigns to promote products on the Pervita website has significantly impacted their performance. The Google Ads campaigns have registered substantial increases in the number of clicks, the click rate, conversions, the value of conversions, and the return on advertising investments, while conversion costs have decreased. These results demonstrate the clear benefits of collaborating with a CSS partner in optimizing and improving the performance of Shopping campaigns by Google Ads.


more generated clicks


the value of conversions

+ 26.14%

more conversions

+ 22.06%


+ 19,86%

Click rate

– 21,92%

cost per conversion

From where I stand, the agency’s strong points are that the assigned project specialist is good at his job and is very responsive to all our requests.

Ancuta Campean
As Account Manager, I always ensure that we remain up to date on the newest trends and technologies in marketing to offer the client not only results but also added value. Regardless of the challenges, we are ready to find and implement strategies that will bring in measurable and sustainable results, and it gives us a sense of pride to see our partners grow and evolve alongside us.

Andrei Manolache

Account Director

HOLD Marketing