About Black Friday and the surpassed objectives: +224,56% in conversions and +50% ROAS

The POEMA brand was created in 2003, and it came about as a desire to express a personal vision of fashion with 100% pure Romanian creation. Inspired by the day-to-day complex lives of women, the POEMA brand describes the feminine spirit through every one of its products. Each collection adapts the trends of international fashion to the local market. Twelve years after the store opened, there are now 13 boutiques in the country's big cities and an e-shop—www.poema.ro.
Paid Media

The challenge

Since we took over the accounts (mid-2023), our focus has been on the Black Friday campaign. All our actions were supposed to prepare an exceptional Black Friday event, which has always happened.

Starting point

Our agency took over the Paid Media campaigns of the Poema brand in mid-2023 when the account had no coherent marketing structure implemented and was not using all the functionalities offered by the Paid Ads platforms. After taking over the accounts, we quickly implemented CSS to help us optimize costs with advertising budgets, and we granulated campaigns according to the corresponding funnel phase and the collections the brand was about to launch.

We also swiftly fixed the tracking problems in Pixel and Google Analytics 4 since all conversions were previously reported through Universal Analytics.

Positions covered

Senior PPC Specialist (Facebook Ads)

Senior PPC Specialist (Google Ads)

Data Analyst

Account Director

The strategy

Unlike the previous year, where ads ran exclusively on Black Friday, that year, we included in the strategy a teasing phase where we announced to the public that we would have Black Friday discounts, and we were able to warm the audience and become top of mind for the big day. Great emphasis was laid on video materials in the teasing campaigns (another novelty compared to the previous year’s campaign), descriptive banners that would represent the Poema brand, and we tried to target a very cold audience (to bring them closer to us through discounts), as well as users from the audience lists (excluding those who had ordered in the previous 30 days, to avoid returns).

In the Black Friday pre-campaign, we wanted to increase traffic to the website and encourage customers to add products to their carts so that on the big day, we would have a solid base from which to retarget.

During the Black Friday campaign, we implemented a full funnel to cover every acquisition phase, addressing new and all audiences for remarketing and retention.

We redirected a large part of the budget destined for the BF campaign to the remarketing audiences, thus reducing the cost/action and increasing the chances of conversion.

Moreover, granulating campaigns significantly impacted the promotional strategy for the Black Friday campaign, as it allowed good management, customization, and more precise optimization of the ads for each product category, helping us get better results and maximize the effectiveness of the campaigns.

The results

The analyzed period: Black Friday 2022 (November 11-14, 2022) vs Black Friday 2023 (November 10-14, 2023)

+ 224,56%

More conversions generated

+ 50%

Boost of ROAS

Working with HOLD Marketing has been essential to our success in the Black Friday campaigns. Their Performance Marketing team has carefully and effectively managed the Paid Ads campaigns, bringing tangible results for our brand. We appreciate the professionalism and pragmatic approach, which have contributed to reaching Poema’s objectives in a concrete and quantifiable way.

Daniela Cotoi

Our work method and well-defined processes were the pillars supporting the success of this collaboration. They helped us organize more efficiently and bring added value to each project. It is a real joy to see how our work structure has contributed to organizing and managing the project in a way that has brought consistent and sustainable results.

POEMA is not just another brand to me but a project with a special significance, considering that it has its roots in my hometown. One of our agency’s plans is to help Romanian brands reach new heights with the help of the know-how we have from international projects.

Transparency, open communication, and adaptability to changes have enabled us to navigate the market's challenges and opportunities. Together, we have built a scaling plan, laying the foundation of strategies to lead the POEMA brand to new highs.

Andrei Manolache

Account Director

HOLD Marketing