How we lowered the cost per conversion from RON 239 to RON 56, investing a budget 36% lower

The client owns several online stores, for which they ran Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns independently. Since the results stagnated, they called on our agency to help them reach the next level. The client sells metal furniture (wardrobes, locker rooms).
Paid Media

The challenge

As the client had several online stores, all Google Ads promotions were done from one account for all websites. Since Google optimizes the campaigns with results from the entire account, they receive wrong information on potential clients. The campaigns were in completely different e-commerce categories, so individual campaign performance decreased overall.

Considering that RaftMetal.ro has externalized its Paid Media campaigns, they trusted us enough to allocate an even higher promotion budget. Therefore, higher goals were set compared to the previous period. Generally, our main objective was to increase the Google Ads generated incomes rapidly and, at the same time, maintain a ROAS of (at least) 15.

  1. The increase of income as soon as possible
  2. A ROAS of at least 15

Starting point

The first step we took was to create the Google Ads Manager account and generate secondary accounts for each site in the client portfolio. The second thing we noticed was the level of the campaigns. Being an online store, the client used to run Search campaigns. We also intervened here, generating a product feed to lay the groundwork for the Performance Max campaigns.

Positions covered

The same team initially assigned to the client is still on the project today. They are:

2 PPC Specialists

1 Copywriter

1 Web Developer

1 Account Manager

The strategy

Before starting the campaigns, the technical department colleagues reviewed all the settings in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads to ensure that the e-commerce tracking was functional, the remarketing lists were correctly created, and the feed was in accordance with Google requirements.

Even if these settings were done previously, upon taking over any account, our team is tasked with checking them again to ensure there will be no other issues. The procedures we follow include clearly defined checklists, and we go through each element manually.
The platform raftmetal.ro was running no longer benefited from the latest updates, and the client was not working with a development team. Therefore, we had to assign an internal developer to help with the technical implementation of Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4, which could also generate the dynamic product feed.

After having done the technical setup, we went into the research phase and then into defining the PPC strategy, which we would implement. The client already had experience in Google Ads and knew the categories with potential in Paid Media.

Previous marketing strategies exclusively relied on Search campaigns and very strong keywords. If they have a large search volume, these keywords also tend to become more expensive. This phenomenon appears because there is high competition, and the focus has now shifted to Shopping campaigns where the client can see the name of the product, the presentation image, and, of course, the price.

Therefore, clients can get an idea about the product they want with multiple clicks without running out of the campaign budget. Since the purpose of PPC campaigns is to shorten the client’s journey, from the search to the completion of the desired conversion, shopping campaigns are very helpful in shortening these journeys.

To meet the RaftMetal.ro objectives, our Paid Media team has implemented the following strategy.

Restructuring campaigns from the whole account:

  • We know that an e-commerce account cannot function without Shopping campaigns.
  • Therefore, we implemented Performance Max campaigns focusing on shopping (we did not include any asset for text or image).
  • We split the campaigns into product categories, each with a dedicated budget. Therefore, the return at the level of products is better controlled.
  • We even kept one Search campaign as these campaigns used to yield results in the past, and they can still perform now.
  • We adjusted the budgets to maximize the number of orders without neglecting the ROAS of every campaign or that of the entire account.

The results

The results below were registered from September 2022 to November 2022 and compared with those from June 1 to August 31.

– 76,56%

Decrease of the cost per conversion

– 35,52%

Decrease of the advertising budget

+ 175,3%

Increase in the number of Google Ads conversions

+ 62,28%

Increase of Google Ads income

+ 227,73%

ROAS increase

This was our first experience with a marketing agency, and HOLD Marketing has managed to take over our Google Ads account swiftly and has started bringing in results since the first month.

Our account is extremely well-managed, and the assigned team takes the necessary time to optimize campaigns and develop suggestions and new ideas to help our business grow. We appreciate their transparency, openness, and we like the fact that they really want to have a big input in marketing and business.

Badea Costin
Raft Metal
Since 2017, we have been positioning ourselves as a top Paid Media agency for companies looking to up their digital marketing game. We have all the resources to back up an end-to-end complex and specific marketing strategy by delivering growth plans to help our clients reach their goals (RaftMetal.ro is an example in this respect).

Sorin Trifu

Managing Partner

HOLD Marketing