Conversion rate optimization

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Our approach to conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Our CRO methodology

Our CRO methodology is rooted in research and data analysis, which ensures that any test hypotheses we come up with for your site are not guesswork and have the best chance of success. We also use Paid Media services as an integrated approach to discovering user intent and expectations.

How we can help your business with CRO

We have expertise in conversion rate optimization to help your business grow. Specialists from our team can help fix problems that may have arisen after implementing a new website or those resulting from the user experience. Our experts will work with you to identify issues, learn what users think about your site, and get to know your business to help you increase your conversion rate.

A/B testing

Our A/B testing focuses on designing a web page that converts better statistically. Our test hypotheses are thoroughly researched before, thus, increasing the chances of success. When we find a winning solution, you can be sure that the changes you make to your live site will work well for your users.

How do CRO services impact your business

If you are spending large advertising budgets and not investing in conversion rate optimization (CRO), you may not be getting the best ROI (Return On Investment) from your campaigns. By investing in CRO services and optimizing your website, you can make your existing traffic convert more, allowing users to convert more easily and earlier in their purchase journey.

By working with HOLD Marketing as a CRO agency, you will benefit from our specialists who have years of experience and expertise in digital. We’ll work with you to discover the areas of your site which generate traffic loss and test ways to improve them, helping to maximize your return on marketing spend.

CRO should be a constant in your digital marketing strategy, helping to give your customers the best user experience and keeping you ahead of your competitors. Using our custom research and analytics techniques, we can test new ideas based on user data and insights, giving you the best chance to A/B test your campaigns.

We’re a conversion rate, tried and tested optimization company providing specialist consultancy to some of the best-known brands. Our CRO services have helped several businesses, from online stores to law firms. Trust us to help you make the most of your existing traffic and increase conversions in specific areas of your site.

The technologies we use in CRO

As a CRO agency, we work with industry-leading technology providers like VWO and HotJar, giving us access to the latest technology to implement on your site, ready for research and A/B testing

Your investment in cro

Conversion rate optimization is one of the most measurable elements of digital marketing.

We take a scientific approach to our CRO services and track the impact of the changes we make to your site.

For us, it’s not just about changing the color of the “Buy Now” button and waiting for results. Our team has experience in techniques that remove the guesswork and use the information we get from research to document the experiments we are about to do.

You’ll be able to see what results in each test we run on your site for conversion rate optimization achieves. As a digital marketing agency, we will also help you understand how these tests impact conversion rates.

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Regardless of the type of test we run, the runtime is unknown and depends on two things: the number of users and the amount of variation change. Some tests take days, and others take months. The hypothesis should be thoroughly researched to speed up the testing time. Also, they should provide a big enough change, compared to the current site, to make a difference in the outcome. In addition, the more traffic we have, the more users can add data to the test, so it concludes faster.

No, the A/B tests run on the same URL, and any changes to the variation are fast, so no content is duplicated. Google also has its A/B testing platform, which wouldn’t exist if testing affected organic rankings. If we run an A/B test on a different URL, we can run into problems because split URL tests require different URLs. For example – and On the new URL, we should add a canonical tag (rel=canonical href=“″) so that the bots know which version to index. As part of our consultancy service we offer full advice on the technical constraints of your site.

A successful variation is measured against the base version of the site using a Bayesian methodology. This method represents the update of the probability that a variation will succeed or fail as more data becomes available (for example, more users pass the test). The number we are looking to achieve is 90% statistical significance, so we are 90% sure that the new version will perform better than the base version.

CRO testing software means that additional JavaScript is added to your website. However, it’s usually loaded asynchronously, meaning it doesn’t block the download of other assets in the browser or the rendering of elements that your clients can see. As part of HOLD Marketing’s CRO offering, we also perform speed audits to optimize your site so that it loads as quickly as possible

Our preferred testing platform, VWO, is fully GDPR compliant and hides all form-fill data/keystrokes from reports and session recordings. No user is identifiable, and the last byte of the user’s IP is not stored.