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You have access to top online marketing services offered by over 150 digital marketing specialists, backed by experience gained from projects done for clients in over 30 countries. HOLD Marketing is part of the Roweb group.

Effective and transparent online marketing services

We create a clear advertising strategy for a mix of promotional channels, displaying the best-written messages about your products or services at the best time and directed to the users with the biggest chances of becoming your clients. This way, we maximize online sales in months, not years.

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With a portfolio of clients in over 20 different industries, we have learned to adapt quickly to each one’s specific requirements. See the full online marketing services portfolio here.

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    Online advertising services provided by industry specialists

    We deliver online marketing services that are transparent, professional, and quantifiable. Our clients are involved in the process, and they can follow the evolution of every project until the set target is reached.

    Google Ads

    Using the Search & Shopping Google placements, we bring you closer to users who consistently look for your products and services specifically. Moreover, with the help of complex targeting methods through Display and YouTube, we ensure that our client’s products and services are seen by customers in their target group.

    Facebook Ads

    We provide effective online advertising services for Facebook Ads with the help of our creation department, which contributes by consistently generating creative and relevant content for your business. In addition, through the platform’s targeting system, we ensure these materials reach the targeted clients.

    TikTok Ads

    We love working on projects that include the TikTok platform because their CPMs start at a very low value, and we can always use the fullscreen displays, meaning that we do not have to share the ad space with any other brand. Moreover, TikTok allows users to browse your products directly on the app, increasing the conversion rate without leaving the platform.

    Programmatic Ads

    When we use this type of placement for remarketing audiences, we catch the attention of a larger pool of users and get great conversion rates through programmatic ads and a complex targeting system. Also, this type of display is not subjected to ad blockers.

    Email Marketing

    Any effective email marketing strategy relies on automatization and a relevant message for the targeted audience. Therefore, we analyze subscriber data, create engaging content, and ensure that your message reaches more consumers via email, text, or push notification.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    How do you get online marketing services that guarantee the best ROI when running ads online? You let us help you optimize your conversion rate so that you can make the most of your real traffic on-site.


    Anybody offering good quality online advertising services knows that they must combine two important elements: pure creativity and solid data. Therefore, creativity is insufficient if you don’t know where to direct your efforts. Our Data team can provide correct and full tracking settings for the most used platforms and build dashboards in real-time in Tableau, PowerBi, and Looker Studio.

    PPC campaign audit

    Are you curious to know whether your PPC campaigns are effective? Call now for a professional audit like ours, and you will be able to identify the high-performing areas from the money-losing ones. You will be able to receive applicable advice that will instantly lead to sales increases and cost-cutting.

    Digital Marketing Consulting

    Many large brands have good and very good in-house online management teams. Also, the skillsets these employees rely on in the industry must be constantly updated. You can call us anytime, as we offer many online marketing services. We systematically invest in keeping our data updated, in our capacity to identify trends in advance, and in consulting with professionals.

    Specialized training

    How do you ensure your in-house marketing team is constantly updated with industry information? We can do this by holding meetings with professional training specialists from our agency. Based on our partnerships with the largest online promotional channels, we are always aware of the latest updates and manage to uphold a high standard for our digital marketing strategies. We are also ready to share this information with your employees as part of our online marketing service package.

    We let our results speak about our online marketing services!

    We deliver digital marketing services for brands in various industries and are constantly pushing ourselves. Ultimately, it all comes down to the ability to adapt and innovate.

    Business models and ways in which we deliver online advertising services

    Discover our business models and pick the ones suited to you. We put at your disposal collaboration models that will fit the needs of any company, regardless of complexity and uniqueness.

    Digital Marketing Outsourcing

    You handle what you do best, like running your business, and leave the PPC campaigns to us! We externalize this service through dynamic collaboration based on your company’s specific profile and point-by-point needs, like setting a target we can follow up on before we reach it.

    We are not the type of company offering one-size-fits-all online marketing services, meaning we don’t have a tried-and-tested solution that we push on every customer in the hopes that it will have the same results. On the other hand, we will keep updating the campaign outcomes and make the necessary adjustments based on this information.

    Staff Augmentation

    Staff augmentation is a service that allows companies to adjust the size of teams according to the needs of each season. Therefore, should your workload increase and you need more people in the marketing department, you can use the expertise of our specialists. We can also fill in for any permanent staff members at any professional training level (entry-level, mid, or senior) while they are away on vacation, sick, or maternity leave, as this is one of the auxiliary online marketing services we offer our clients.


    We support companies that wish to grow their digital marketing teams by offering consulting among our many online advertising services. Therefore, we help the employees of our partner companies (professionals at any level of training) to maximize their efforts and gain specific skill sets. As an online marketing agency, we have access to data, and we have the experience that comes from completing an impressive number of projects, which allows us to read ahead of time some of the future market trends and patterns. We hold weekly meetings with companies’ internal teams to give specific advice and help employees stay on track toward their goals.

    Time & Materials

    We understand if you are unsure what type of collaboration model best suits you when you don’t know how the collaboration will go first. But we don’t want this to impede our working together fruitfully. Therefore, there is always the “time and materials” invoicing method, based on which we only bill the hours spent on the tasks of each project. The requirements for any online advertising service we may provide will be discussed beforehand and adapted according to your company’s changing needs.

    By using the time-reporting system, our colleagues, professionals whose level of training ranges from entry to senior, will put down the hours they have spent working on your project’s tasks. Every month, we generate activity reports for all clients and issue invoices based on the discussed fees and the hours spent on the project. Therefore, we offer transparency in billing and flexibility.

    Digital marketing agency testimonials

    Our clients know best about the quality of the online marketing services provided.

    I am very pleased with the level of involvement and professionalism the team constantly displays. Their specialists are dedicated to our project and constantly come up with innovative ideas that have helped us improve our performance and reach our business objectives. I am inclined to think that this will be a long-term collaboration.

    Adrian Pirlogea

    Working with HOLD Marketing has been essential to our success in the Black Friday campaigns. Their Performance Marketing team has carefully and effectively managed the Paid Ads campaigns, bringing tangible results for our brand. We appreciate the professionalism and pragmatic approach, which have contributed to reaching Poema’s objectives in a concrete and quantifiable way.

    Daniela Cotoi

    We couldn’t be happier with HOLD Marketing. Their involvement in our success, data-based solutions, and deep marketing knowledge have helped us get the best results.

    Madalina Luca
    Femina Medical


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    Let us introduce our management team!

    HOLD Marketing is part of the Roweb group. This is the management team and the people coordinating the passionate work of 150 digital marketing specialists.

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    Corina Ortan
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