Marketing Automation. Direct to Consumer.

Email Marketing automation – the key to an efficient communication strategy

Email Marketing automation allows us to create and send customized messages automatically and in real-time based on behaviors and user interactions with your site or app. These can be email, text, or push notifications.

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We automate client interaction with the help of important data about their behavior.

With the help of automation, we optimize processes and help you:

Increase involvement

We send relevant messages at the best possible time to keep clients’ attention and pique their interest in your brand’s offer.

Save time

Forget manually sending emails, text messages, or repetitive push notifications. With the help of Email Marketing automation, we can focus on strategy and quality content.

Increase conversion rates

Done correctly, with customized messages and adapted offers, this type of promotion generates higher conversion rates.

Consolidate client relations

When we send customized messages, we create an individual experience for the consumer with your brand. This builds trust and creates retention.

Measure and optimize

Optimizing in Email Marketing consists of constantly making the necessary adjustments based on measurements done on real-time data.

Your brand’s Email Marketing efforts will be taken over by an experienced agency.

Our openness to various projects and our strategy of permanently keeping connected to industry information give us the security of saying that we know exactly what advice to offer, just like we have been doing with our partners in over 30 countries.

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Email Marketing Triggers: Communication at the right time

Understanding these industry triggers is the best way to understand how we can offer highly targeted Email Marketing services. This answers questions regarding consumer behavior or user interactions and allows the automated sending of customized messages when users complete specific actions or are put into specific client segments.

Create relevant communication

Our messages are directly triggered by user behavior, creating a bridge between them and making them relevant to their expressed interests.

Create a sort of urgency

Triggers access an emotional side and add a feeling of urgency to a situation. These can be tied to an action the user has recently undertaken, like a newsletter subscription, abandoning a shopping cart, lack of or reduced on-site activity, following a purchase, NPS/feedback, and others.

Lead to higher conversions

These messages show that your company is paying attention to what consumers are doing and wishes to offer a pleasant experience on the platform. When sent at the right moment, these messages have a great chance of generating actions and purchases.

Save time

With the help of automated Email Marketing, you will no longer have to create and send messages manually in similar situations. Therefore, you save time and other important resources.

The database – the stepping stone of Email Marketing

The existence of the database is essential in Email Marketing; organizing it is just as important to allow the easy segmentation of users according to relevant criteria, like demographic specifics, behavior, or preferences.

Last but not least – SEGMENTATION & AUDIENCE

At HOLD Marketing, our team of specialists will handle advanced segmentation and the management of your audience.

These two aspects, segmentation and audience, are the backbone of any brand’s Email Marketing strategy. Our collaboration will start with this. We will help you identify the key segments, understand client preferences, and create customized campaigns to achieve the best results.

Dividing the database into distinct segments allows us to deliver relevant content to each target group. Relevance increases opening and click rates, therefore encouraging conversions as well.

The segmentation process can help us decide which group of consumers to focus on at a given campaign moment, as this has the highest chance of converting.

Consumer segments differ. Therefore, it is important to adapt messages to send information that is as relevant as possible to each group. The audience is also expected to get relevant and customized messages. Segmentation helps us deliver what is expected of us regarding communication.

Once grouped into a segment, consumers are more easily understood. Therefore, better answering their needs may be possible.

The Marketer

Strategic Partnership with The Marketer

This partnership honors us and keeps us steady on improving our digital service offering! We are proud of our partnership with The Marketer, a top Romanian platform offering advanced online marketing solutions to clients. Based on this partnership, we have access to tested and highly performing marketing instruments and technologies. Moreover, during the campaigns we create for our clients, we can offer the best solutions and strategies with the help of our marketer consultants, especially in Email Marketing.