PPC ads for the whole sales funnel

We take great pride in our team of 150 specialists in PPC ads, who have delivered successful campaigns to clients in over 30 countries. We use in-house-developed software tools and rely on the experience of our colleagues to offer PPC services regardless of the project’s complexity, the type of client company—startup or multinational—and its needs.

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Clients for whom we successfully provide PPC services

The road to success is paved with quality PPC services, regardless of whether we are talking about a small and modern startup, a large company with tradition, or any other possible combination. Our specialists are undergoing effective campaigns based on the thorough analysis of updated information and solid industry experience.

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High-performing PPC ads

What must you know about this type of service? It generates conversion rate and traffic growth. What do we know about PPC ads? Everything and how to successfully apply it to every project.

Google Ads

Not every user who sees an ad is also a potential client. That is unless you call on professional PPC services, which double the efforts with Google’s Search & Shopping placements, to reach exactly those users who wish to interact with your brand, just like Display & Youtube placements.

Facebook Ads

The recipe for a good Facebook Ads campaign consists of creative content aimed at those users who will find it relevant. One without the other will not have the same turnover, but our agency’s clients can access specialists who combine creativity and efficiency in successful PPC ads.

TikTok Ads

With a great conversion rate, TikTok ads are our favorite because they allow users to browse promoted products directly from the app without leaving the platform. Moreover, we have full-screen placements, so we do not have to share ad space with other brands, and their CPMs are incredibly low.

Programmatic Ads

Another option with a high turnover is that of Programmatic Ads, which are useful in securing an even bigger pool of relevant users, as they are based on a very complex e-commerce targeting system. These placements are not subjected to ad blockers and have great conversion rates when used on remarketing audiences.

PPC Campaign Audit

The most effective campaigns with PPC ads are the ones bringing in the expected results, and to verify this, you need a thorough audit. Whether you want to check the performance of campaigns, you are currently undergoing, or you wish to find out where can a blocked process be improved, our online marketing agency can run a professional PPC campaign audit. This way, you will know whether a campaign you have invested in can bring you the expected profit and what you can change to get even better results.

Complex PPC services, done by specialists

How is such a service different when it is provided by specialists? By the fact that we do not only think about well-executed PPC ads but also conversions and getting the best return on the investment for our clients. This way, we only pick the best channels according to where we know we will find the targeted audience for your services and products. Find below the promotional channels where we can place commercials.

Focus on profitability

The final goal of any PPC ads campaign is to drive up sales; therefore, cost optimization is just as important as creativity. Here are the parameters we rely on when we create each strategy.


conversion rate optimization


cost / conversion


marketing efficiency ratio


Best practice in PPC services

Since the online promotion industry is extremely dynamic, our colleagues are constantly updated on all changes and evolution. Therefore, they consistently test new ideas and look for new ways of converting clients.

With this attitude toward how we choose to work on each project, we are never caught off-guard by the changes introduced by tech giants such as Google, Meta, or Microsoft when they update their services. Moreover, we are looking to apply everything new to the benefit of our clients.

Business vision

The team of PPC specialists that our agency is putting at your disposal will also include an Account Manager, someone who can successfully connect the technical side to your company’s business needs. All our colleagues with this role have experience as business analysts for various national and international brands and can help you set up a year-long promotional calendar or give you access to valuable data, with the help of which you can optimize your stocks, for example. Also, we offer complete and robust PPC services with an integrated business vision.

Software Tools

One of our agency’s great advantages is that we are part of the Roweb group, which allows us to develop any customized tool that will bring extra value to our clients in-house. Until now, around EUR 500.000 has been invested in developing such programs, which have greatly optimized costs, among other things.

One tool we have developed can analyze each category on your site and generate a report by each month of the year for the products of each category that are most likely to be sold. Based on this forecast, our specialists know how to optimize budgets and develop the best-targeted campaigns, and clients can optimize their stocks. It is all done smartly by eliminating the need for A/B testing, where you try out several options before reaching the winning formula.

However, although we are open to developing the needed programs to increase effectiveness, we do not use automatization, where human contribution is more valuable. Therefore, only a specialist with years of experience and good industry insight can make any changes to the PPC ads campaign.

How can PPC ads help you?

Done correctly, a PPC advertising campaign can generate profit in a few months. But this requires years of experience in the industry, the ability to read and predict various trends in the market, to keep abreast of changes and to adapt to them without affecting the intended campaign in any way. This is the way of working within the HOLD Marketing agency, plus the possibility of in-house software development, in order to optimize the investment.





Concrete results of our previous PPC ads.

We delivered PPC services for these brands in campaigns that have now become case studies. We invite you to study them to understand what you can expect from our collaboration.

Why pick us for PPC ads and ample campaigns?

Because we offer a variety of collaboration models, adaptability, and full strategies that include a business vision, we offer PPC services to help you grow in more ways. We start with the needs you know you have and cover the ones you identify as we go.

Access to the knowledge of over 150 industry professionals

A partnership with us means access to the knowledge of our colleagues, some with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, with unique insight and other assets that contribute strategically when we start on customized campaigns. Our colleagues have marketing experience acquired from the marketing departments of national and international brands, and they know how to create professional promotional calendars with everything strategy-related and always something extra. For example, if you import products, we will help you get a marketing budget from the producer, which we will use to promote the products on your site.

We invested EUR 500.000 in our tools

Since we are part of the Roweb group, we have access to the resources that allow us to quickly develop any tool that could allow us to offer the best PPC services. These bring added value as they are created in-house, according to our specific requirements and client needs.

  1. We have developed a tool that analyses the products on the site and will tell which seasons your product categories will sell best to know how to adapt our PPC campaigns. This way, we eliminate manual tests that would identify the best-selling categories, which is better for your budget overall.
  2. Another tool we developed can help our clients have the least, almost zero, searches with no results (“missed searches”), therefore replacing the classical search bar on the site with a solution that looks for:
    • Blazing fast product search
    • Search Suggestions
    • Synonyms
    • Spellcheck and auto-correction

Are you curious to find out more about our in-house developed tools? Contact us!