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Why is Facebook Ads promotion important? Securing your presence on the channel that can bring you the highest number of new users and turn them into clients is important. But you will manage to do this with our help, a Facebook Ads agency that offers you a full-funnel social media strategy to communicate effectively and correctly with users in any phase of their interaction.

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Is working with a Facebook Ads agency worth it?

With our help, your messages will reach the relevant public, those who are interested in becoming your clients. We achieve this by leveraging all the data Meta collects from its users. Our Facebook Ads promotion and Instagram Ads can specifically help businesses reach their goals, making their offers more visible and attractive.

As a Facebook Ads agency, HOLD Marketing can offer a dynamic service, which implies adapting the frequency of posts according to the specialist’s recommendations. This way, the highly creative ads (something we emphasize greatly) will be promoted most beneficially for the brand. They will increase interaction with brand users, ensuring a personalized and effective approach.

Effective targeting when you do Facebook Ads promotion correctly

Learn more about how we target the audience as a Facebook Ads agency.

You attract new users based on interests or proximity

According to demographic data such as personal identifiers, location, interests, or behavior, you pick from a pool of relevant clients looking for what you offer. This increases your chances of some of them becoming your clients once they hear about your company’s existence.

Users who have interacted with your brand in the past can be brought closer

Custom Audiences include clients who have already interacted with your brand, either as clients or only as potential clients who have studied your offer.

This type of targeting is more efficient as it is directed toward people who have:

  • accessed the site
  • used the mobile app
  • studied the Facebook page, product images, and the details of services and have read other clients’ reviews, opinions, or comments on the social platform

Users who have interacted with your brand in the past can be brought closer

Custom Audiences include clients who have already interacted with your brand, either as clients or only as potential clients who have studied your offer.

This type of targeting is more efficient as it is directed toward people who have:

  • accessed the site
  • used the mobile app
  • studied the Facebook page, product images, and the details of services and have read other clients’ reviews, opinions, or comments on the social platform

You have access to people with similar interests to your current clients

We access user categories called “lookalike audiences” to ensure we always target new users from a similar pool of existing clients.

What benefits do you have from working with a Facebook Ads agency?

To accommodate a larger number of clients with very specific and diverse needs, we have created several collaboration models that will help more companies benefit from the right Facebook Ads promotion for each business model.

Time & Materials

Although we are a full-service Facebook Ads agency, we also offer our services in the Time&Materials system, especially to companies that already have an internal online marketing team or to companies managing a budget of at least EUR 10.000 / channel, who look to us for guidance on specific issues.

Based on this model, our agency’s team will offer services, consulting, and recommendations to help the in-house team improve their abilities and overcome some difficulties. Moreover, in the case of projects whose specifications are complex and can change along the way, our specialists are the help your employees need. These services and Facebook Ads promotion interventions will be billed transparently hourly based on the costs established upon signing the contract. A report of all these services and the time spent on the project will be generated at the end of the month. The specialists our company will assign to the project can carry out any task, regardless of the professional level required.


The consulting service implies scheduling weekly meetings with the Facebook Ads agency so our specialists can provide answers and recommendations to your team members. Therefore, this collaboration model allows partner companies to maintain high control of the efforts in the Facebook Ads promotion area while profiting from the specialists’ experience with insight and industry-updated insights. Based on our service for consulting, we can offer access to information on trends and patterns so that your colleagues can maximize their efforts and increase their work abilities.

Digital Marketing Outsourcing

Facebook Ads promotion is important for any brand, so we suggest you externalize this service to benefit from all the advantages of working with a digital marketing agency. Therefore, you can focus on the macro aspects of your business. At the same time, we set up the best PPC channels for your company and adapt this mix according to the registered results, guaranteeing the best results.

When you hand Facebook Ads promotion over to us, we will intervene in 2 phases.

  1. Setup
    • We check the configuration of the following accounts: Facebook Ad Account, Facebook Pixel (Conversion API), Facebook Catalog, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager
    • We check/generate conversion/ micro-conversion tracking, and the product feed
    • We set the Facebook Ads promotion strategy
    • + other supplementary elements specific to every aspect of the project.
  2. Ongoing
    • We check/analyze your account with the following frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, by trimester
    • We implement new creative campaigns with content we create
    • We analyze the conversion rate and make suggestions to improve it.
    • We communicate with whatever frequency is necessary
    • We grant real-time access to a dashboard, where you can check the performance of your campaigns and get updated information anytime.
    • Every month, we send a report via email with the results for the previous period.
    • Our specialist will hold monthly meetings with a progress report.
    • The Account Manager assigned to your project will hold a trimestral meeting to discuss the progress report and other strategic business matters.
    • + other supplementary elements specific to any project in particular.

Partners happy with our work as a Facebook Ads agency

We take pride in successful projects for clients in over 30 countries, large and small companies, some at the beginning, others with a legacy in the industry, modern or traditional in their offerings. We offer solid advice to help them get the Facebook Ads promotion they need.

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Types of businesses that can benefit from Facebook Ads promotion

Any type of business is good for Facebook Ads since these services attract consumers’ attention to brands. Our agency already has various partners, from multinationals to local businesses, from niche service providers to online stores.


The Facebook Shopping section is one of the most accessed, as the classical purchase experience is now integrated into personal relaxation moments. Therefore, as the user scrolls through articles, ads, and photos of friends, they will notice, with just as much ease, the details of your products (image and name of the product, price, and other relevant details, as this information can easily be integrated into the Marketplace).

B2B and B2C services

Relevance gives balance and efficiency to our campaigns for our partners as the Facebook Ads agency they come to for the best results. Therefore, we showcase your business whenever someone uses the most relevant keywords for your field.

Local businesses

Local businesses benefit the most from Google Maps placements since the notion of proximity is increasingly attractive in the context of large distances. Google Display and YouTube placements are also a good way to remain top-of-mind for users or local businesses, like restaurants.

HOLD Marketing, the ideal Facebook Ads agency

We understood early on that in the online medium, what matters is the ability to keep oneself up to date on the news and requirements of the platforms we post on. This way, we combine new and innovative ideas with the meeting of conditions imposed to obtain as many conversions as possible for our clients.

Our specialists know how to constantly check the used technologies to offer clients services with best practices for the best results.

Business Vision

An Account Manager will be assigned to work on your project alongside the specialists in Facebook Ads promotion. In our agency, Account Managers act like Business Analysts, meaning people who, apart from knowing the best way to upkeep the relationship between the technical and the creative teams with the client, can also offer valuable insight into the market information, which can, in turn, help in constructing a full business vision. For example, you could get access to databases with information that would help you optimize stocks or can help you come up with a promotional calendar for a whole year.

Software Tools

The services we offer our clients come with added value since we take full advantage of being part of the Roweb group, which allows us to develop the necessary tools for every project in-house. These are tools we created to use internally and to make our work easier by delivering clients better results or tools we developed specifically for one project to shorten its completion time or to ensure we keep a straight path toward our goal. An example of such a tool is the one capable of making a sales forecast by analyzing the products on your website in various categories to know how to stock up according to each season.

Although we like to use automation as much as possible to make our work easier and the results safer, we still rely a lot on the experience of specialists when we need to make strategy changes during the campaign. This is the modern and whole service we offer as a Facebook Ads agency.

Facebook Ads agency with concrete results

If we deliver top PPC services for them, we can do it for you too!

What our clients think of us as a Facebook Ads agency

Our clients’ opinions matter when we follow their directions and project requirements and get feedback for Facebook Ads promotion services.

I am very pleased with the level of involvement and professionalism the team constantly displays. Their specialists are dedicated to our project and constantly come up with innovative ideas that have helped us improve our performance and reach our business objectives. I am inclined to think that this will be a long-term collaboration.

Adrian Pirlogea

Working with HOLD Marketing has been essential to our success in the Black Friday campaigns. Their Performance Marketing team has carefully and effectively managed the Paid Ads campaigns, bringing tangible results for our brand. We appreciate the professionalism and pragmatic approach, which have contributed to reaching Poema’s objectives in a concrete and quantifiable way.

Daniela Cotoi

We couldn’t be happier with HOLD Marketing. Their involvement in our success, data-based solutions, and deep marketing knowledge have helped us get the best results.

Madalina Luca
Femina Medical