Google Ads Services that turn searches into profit.

How can we increase sales and maximize profit with the help of Google Ads services? By displaying your ads on the largest search engine in the world, your ideally coined message will reach your target audience at the right moment.

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Why is Google Ads promotion effective?

Because you only pay when users click on your ads. One more reason to opt now for Google Ads services.


Google Ads promotion performs well because it is the only version displaying products exactly when users look for them. This type of promotion has the best results.


We offer Google Ads services for the full sales funnel. Therefore, from the moment we display ads when the user starts to look for your products to raising awareness on partner networks such as Google or YouTube, you are covered.


Why is it so important to invest in Google Ads promotion? According to studies, 85% of all users will only access Google’s first-page search results. Therefore, you are highly motivated to be present here as soon as possible instead of waiting for your website to grow organically.


Industry data show that 65% of people use Google when searching for information or a service, making this the most used search engine.

In what format can you benefit from Google Ads services from us?

We have created various collaboration options to offer Google Ads services to a high number of partners.


A great bonus to your collaboration with our digital marketing agency is that we know how to adapt and work effectively with any client’s in-house team. Therefore, your company can control the communication and business strategies, while we can offer consulting services and help the in-house team maximize their efficiency and develop new skills. Apart from the necessary information delivered specifically when and where needed, another direct effect of working with our marketing agency is that we have access to lots of market data, which allows us to identify trends and patterns. Apart from the raw market information, there is also the insight of colleagues with experience who can filter these data and extract exactly what matters the most for you and your brand. Our collaboration model consists of weekly sessions with our team to transfer knowledge from our team to yours, depending on their needs.

Time & Materials

This way of working is recommended to companies that already have an in-house marketing team or to those managing an online marketing budget of at least EUR 10.000 /channel and who need specific help and intervention on projects without being able to define the services received from our online marketing agency. Moreover, our colleagues can offer support at any level of professional training, whether you need a junior, a mid-level professional, or a senior.

Therefore, we issue an invoice for the time spent on support micro-tasks, guidance, or even delivering clear solutions for problems your in-house team might have. The hourly rate system offers flexibility in adjusting requirements and allows our specialists to offer support exactly as required: in a lower volume or for ample projects with full tasks. Monthly, clients get activity reports based on invoices issued according to the hours registered and the hourly rates established.

Digital Marketing Outsourcing

You can leave the running of your PPC campaigns to our online marketing agency so you can focus on the aspects of your business where we cannot help. You will find peace of mind in doing so, knowing that when we take over the project, we set a goal that we can follow, and as we start to approach it, we will report on the progress. Also, at the beginning of the collaboration, we will decide on the appropriate PPC channels for your company. Since we have an adapted and dynamic workstyle, we are prepared to switch up channels to ensure a bigger impact on your clients.

We have two work phases when taking over the full administration of the Google Ads account.

  1. The setup phase
    • We check the configuration of the following accounts: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, Google Tag Manager
    • We check/generate conversion/micro-conversion tracking, and the product feed
    • We set the Google Ads promotion strategy
    • + Other extra elements will be established as needed.
  2. The ongoing phase
    • We check/ analyze your account with the following frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, by trimester
    • We implement new campaigns
    • We analyze the conversion rate, and we make suggestions to improve it
    • We draft an adapted communication plan with the ideal frequency for your target
    • You get real-time access to a dashboard where you can check the performance of your campaigns
    • You get monthly, by email, a detailed report of the previous results
    • We hold monthly meetings with the account specialist
    • We hold trimester meetings with the account manager for discussions at a strategic/business level
    • + other supplementary elements to be established as needed.

Google Ads Services: Where are the ads displayed?

Ads placed using Google Ads services can be displayed on the entire Google network. See below all possible placements.

The search network

When someone searches for relevant terms, your company’s ads appear on the page’s upper or lower side. Likewise, Google can display the ads in the Shopping, Maps, or Google Play sections.

The Google Display Network

This network includes many partner websites, blogs, and other online platforms on which we can display ads such as banners, text, or video. To maximize efficiency, the announcement’s format and the sites where it will be displayed will be chosen according to the project’s requirements.


As you may have noticed, video ads on this platform and partner platforms are placed before clips, during – if they are long, or at the end.

Mobile Apps

Ads can be displayed inside mobile apps, games, and other programs on various operating systems, such as Android or iOS.

We provide Google Ads services for these clients and do a great job!

Here are some of the companies we work with. We successfully offer Google Ads services to companies of various sizes in different stages of evolution (start-ups versus old companies) from various industries and over 30 countries.

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What businesses can you promote with Google Ads?

Any business can benefit from Google Ads services. From companies offering services to online or physical stores, all companies benefit from a relevant placement for their targeted audience so that their promotional budget gets spent as effectively as possible.


Online stores can benefit from displays in the Google Shopping section and more. Their on-page products are automatically displayed in a feed with all the necessary information, like the product’s name and image, description, price, and important logistic data for purchase.

B2B/B2C Services

We offer the best Google Ads services because we use keywords for the most relevant searches in our field. We present your business when a user types them in his Google search.

Local businesses

Specific placements increase traffic in physical locations. Google Maps is a good option, especially for users looking for proximity solutions. Google Display and YouTube are great for restaurants, as they are top-of-mind options for users.

Why does the HOLD Marketing team offer the best Google Ads services?

Our team’s expertise evolves with our PPC ads and the changes in the platforms on which they are displayed. Agency specialists keep a close eye on the latest industry news and are always willing to test new and innovative ideas that will bring you, our partner, more clients.

Strategies done for clients by PPC specialists are clear and effective in generating conversions as they use the newest technologies introduced by the PPC platforms of industry giants, such as Google, Meta, and Microsoft.

Business vision

Working with our online marketing agency means, apart from a team of PPC specialists handling Google Ads promotion tasks, the allocation of an Account Manager who can be a business bonus. With business analysis experience gained working for well-known national and international brands, our teammates from the Account Management department can help create a promotional calendar for one whole year or access information from the database with the help of which you can update your stocks.

Software tools

We are part of the Roweb group. Therefore, we can develop in-house software and offer our clients added value. So far, we have invested over EUR 500.000 in tools we use exclusively for our clients. A good example in this respect is a tool developed to optimize costs, which can analyze each category on the site and generate a report with the estimated sales of each product in the category for every month of the year. This way, we know what products to promote and how to draft the sales strategy, and you know what stocks to pay attention to. With the help of this tool, our clients gain time – as they no longer have to do A/B testing on various products and for different periods, and money – as their money goes into well-targeted campaigns with the best return.

However, automatization is not the only advantage of working with our online marketing agency for Google Ads services. We know how to balance technology and human expertise, offering our clients the best of each in the perfect blend.

Google Ads promotion with real results

Here are some of the companies who benefit from Google Ads services from us.

Google Partner Agency

Becoming a HOLD Marketing partner also means working with a Google Partner; therefore, we offer top Google Ads services.

Apart from certification and recognition from the tech giant, we know how to offer the best Google Ads promotion services based on the results we obtained for our clients.

How do we do this?

  • By managing a consistent advertising budget;
  • By surpassing client expectations about the performance of Google Ads services offered by visibly increasing income;
  • Staying consistently connected to the newest channels and available Search, Display, Shopping, and Video instruments

We take pride in obtaining the status of Google partner company, as we have access to information and beta functions that are unavailable to the general public. Our PPC specialists have certifications in all Google Ads fields, therefore added value in Search, Shopping, Display, Mobile, and Video.

We find this status to be a significant advantage, and we are happy to be able to offer clients Google Ads services at this level.

Find out more about being a Google Partner on our page.

What our clients say about the Google Ads services offered by our agency

The testimonials of our clients reflect the effort and sustained work.

I am very pleased with the level of involvement and professionalism the team constantly displays. Their specialists are dedicated to our project and constantly come up with innovative ideas that have helped us improve our performance and reach our business objectives. I am inclined to think that this will be a long-term collaboration.

Adrian Pirlogea

Working with HOLD Marketing has been essential to our success in the Black Friday campaigns. Their Performance Marketing team has carefully and effectively managed the Paid Ads campaigns, bringing tangible results for our brand. We appreciate the professionalism and pragmatic approach, which have contributed to reaching Poema’s objectives in a concrete and quantifiable way.

Daniela Cotoi

We couldn’t be happier with HOLD Marketing. Their involvement in our success, data-based solutions, and deep marketing knowledge have helped us get the best results.

Madalina Luca
Femina Medical