Increase your online impact with the help of our Programmatic Ads specialists

Remember the last ad you saw online? Surely, there have been many, but nothing stuck out in particular, as many of these ads do not stand out in a crowd. They are either irrelevant to you or do not present the information creatively enough to have an impact and stay with you. Or you might find them intrusive and annoying for disrupting your online experience. Our agency approaches online ads with something resembling surgical precision, successfully combining Programmatic Ads with the field experience of over 150 specialists.

Our process begins with a deep understanding of your brand, its personality, and the targeted audience. We then discuss the target and what we can achieve together. This thorough understanding allows us to create ads with emotional value and relevance to the public, which we strategically place using Programmatic technology.

Full sales funnel coverage

Our agency has the best-suited platforms to boost your brand awareness in its portfolio. We will create campaigns that will bring new clients, and that can reach any set goal. Do you want your ads to have an impact and to help you create strong connections with the audience? Send us a message! We will gladly help.

We open communication channels toward a broader audience

The advertising industry is constantly changing, with more and more platforms taking on bigger roles and offering more creative and better-integrated options in the user experience, an extraordinary alternative to traditional options.

Our agency is not just about providing creative solutions. We also excel in adapting to the ever-changing advertising industry. We combine innovative ideas with attention to detail and flexibility, ensuring that we always provide the best solutions for our clients.

Source | Public data for Romania, 2022, billboards and internal data.

These are some of the clients who benefit from Programmatic Ads services

We invite you to join this group of satisfied clients and businesses from over 30 countries, each with their own needs, targets, and challenges, enjoying the benefits of Programmatic Ads campaigns.

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Creativity first

Whether we are talking about video content, audio content, or visual content, creativity remains the central element. Even if we constantly adapt to the campaign needs based on segmentation capabilities, we do not sacrifice creativity to do so, as this element will define the success or failure of your campaign.

According to an Ipsos study, 75% of an ad’s impact comes from creativity. Therefore, the HOLD Marketing agency constantly and consistently invests in creative capacities to offer exceptional experiences for users of multiple channels.

Creativity with a purpose.

Obviously, any creative thing draws attention, but the most important part is what we do with the user’s attention once it is obtained. We direct it toward the actions we wish them to undertake during the campaign to reach our long-term goals. How do we do this? We set ourselves apart from other agencies by working closely with you to create and implement a Programmatic Ads strategy that combines personalized creative messages with valuable and well-understood insights on the targeted audience at the right time and place.

Our Programmatic Ads approach

As a Programmatic-specialized agency, we can reach a large audience (suited to your audience) using top technologies for placements, such as display (banners), video, and audio, on multiple advertising networks.

HOLD Marketing specialists will use all the experience they have gained from years of hard work, as well as the capacity to analyze market data, develop the strategy, and plan the creation and programmatic execution phases. To make sure that your programmatic strategy is aligned with the broader mix of channels, we work with a holistic vision and with great attention to your brand identity. Thus, we will use the best channels for you, excluding the ones that do not suit you.

For transparency, you will gain access to the “demand side” (DSP) platform and extra reports to give performance updates. We do not add any other commercial tax to the platform costs.


To obtain ever more relevant and actionable data on the market and your brand’s position, we collect third-party data and combine it with data obtained from internal analysis for better coverage and an overall vision.


The more varied your product array is, the more messages we must prepare for different target audiences. Your message will be customized and aimed toward individuals with the highest chances of becoming clients for a specific product/service. Thus, we use Programmatic Ads to vary your messages and reach the clients who will act on them.

Brand focused creativity

The messages we create for your campaigns will be creative and aligned with the brand identity. Therefore, although all efforts are oriented toward creating attractive, memorable, impactful messages, we will keep you involved in the process to stay close to the brand concept.


Since we are determined to offer the best result, we are not prone to using a specific type of technology within our campaigns but the one that best suits your brand’s needs. Therefore, we use efficient, data-led algorithms to emphasize the technology better, reduce costs, and maximize your media investments.


We optimize your brand’s campaigns in real time, using customized auction algorithms to obtain the best results effectively.


You get transparent 24/7 access to our customized boards for the duration of the campaign so that you can follow the campaign’s performance and each decision’s impact on your business in real time. A benefit for you would be the information that can help you better manage your budget.

What is Programmatic promotion?

To ensure the success of a Programmatic Ads campaign, you need Paid Media specialists, such as those in the HOLD Marketing team. Our colleagues will help you reach new audiences based on users’ interests, browsing history, and demographic data. Together with our technical partners, we offer suitable available budgets that are correctly taxed and transparent.

Programmatic display is an audience purchasing tool. It works based on real-time bidding (RTB), which helps advertising agencies ensure the perfect distribution system. Within this system, all elements go together: the message type, the clients who see it, and the most favorable time of day. It is ideal for businesses with all data but needs a platform, meaning they know where they want to go and wish to do it at a super granular level.

Ad agencies can target potential clients individually through Programmatic platforms, using relevant big data segments and targeted graphic ads. This approach, which expands the targeting category, allows you to find existing and new clients according to their data, interests, and probability of converting.

We roll Programmatic Ads campaigns on demand-side platforms (DSP), which can help us decide what advertising space to purchase. Although the bidding process is similar to that of Google AdWords, advertising agencies bid for ad displays more than they bid for clicks. Subsequently, DSP uses the bid sums to display the ads to the targeted audience on a mix of channels you chose. Moreover, you have full control of the placement of your ads.

Programmatic Display


Of all advertising expenses in the UK are Programmatic (according to eMarketer)


The generated sales are done through Programmatic methods, and the percentage includes both mobile device displays and clips. (according to PwC Digital Adspend)

4.52bn €

Have been spent annually on advertising services within Programmatic campaigns (according to Marketing Week).

Planning Programmatic Ads campaigns

In running our campaigns, we generate and use quality primary data. For example, we purchase premium data from some of the best data providers in the world. This ensures that the right public (particularly those in the target group) will get the relevant message and convert.

As we already said, we are not strong supporters of any technology, and we are determined to find the right type of promotion for each client that will convert best. Although we know that Programmatic Ads promotion is very effective, we will first determine whether this type of promotion suits you. We can always discuss and decide together. We can even test it out and advise you on who to purchase directly on a CPC model in the Google Display Network or through social networks.

Once the test is done, we will help you with a more detailed analysis, and we will be using the whole suite of bidding instruments and real-time traffic in this phase (Criterio, RTB House, etc.). We can find the ideal mix together based on a full analysis of your brand’s needs.

We eagerly await your contact to discuss a possible Programmatic Ads campaign and the way in which we, within our agency, use these native advertising campaigns. Get in touch with our team!

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