TikTok promotion: Make room for yourself on the platform with the highest screen time

TikTok is the platform with the fastest growth in history and has the highest screen time for users in Romania. Therefore, creating quality content to show your presence on this platform is essential for any brand. The HOLD Marketing online marketing agency has the best team of specialists to create and place this content.

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TikTok is the platform with the highest screen time in the world.

Although it has become popular during the pandemic, the platform seems to have doubled its users. According to market studies, users spend, on average, 45 minutes scrolling TikTok content daily. Given its high entertainment value, this is the most accessed social media platform.

Why should you do TikTok promotion?

Like other social media ads, TikTok promotion is effective because the client only pays when platform users click on an ad. Therefore, we know that there is real interest in the product or the services and that the ad does not run alongside many others without having a real impact.


TikTok promotion is highly advantageous as the CPMs are very low, and we manage to reach the targeted audience at only a quarter of the costs we’d have in the case of promoting on Facebook. This is one of the reasons we encourage clients who still see this platform as too creative, better suited to the young audience, or inaccessible.


The main advantage of TikTok commercials is that we have the whole screen and users’ undivided attention for our brand. Therefore, we do not share ad space with anyone, as it happens with other platforms, making this investment more efficient.


Online stores can allow users to access their products directly from the app, which has made the conversion rate for TikTok commercials one of the highest.

How can we help with TikTok promotion?

If you’ve been considering securing your TikTok presence for a long time but don’t know where to start, our online marketing agency can help. Here is how:

TikTok Ads

Our specialists can handle the whole process, from strategy creation to posts, maintenance to technical setup, and campaign optimization. Each TikTok promotion phase will be covered.

TikTok Consulting

Most of the older companies on the market already have marketing departments with people who know the brand and the consumer well. Thus, apart from TikTok promotion per se, we also offer TikTok consulting services with useful information about the platform and the trends that would best suit the brand, how to approach various concepts and even feedback for the content already produced.


TikTok is an internationally relevant platform in over 150 markets worldwide and is available in 75 unique languages.

The most visible TikTok users are those in Generation Z, most of them between 16 and 24. Suppose your product is addressed to young people. In that case, TikTok is the best platform for promotion, even more so as this group of consumers is difficult to reach through traditional advertising.


What businesses benefit from TikTok Ads?

Brands targeting Gen Z should consider this platform as their main promotion medium through paid media. The competition for ad space is lower than on Facebook or Instagram, and specialized agencies have access to interesting formats for producing unique and creative content. Moreover, since the app is still maturing, advertising options are less tried and tested, leaving some space for freestyling.

Moreover, if you are working on a limited budget, don’t hesitate to consult us regarding the most suitable time for an ad campaign. We will talk about your targets and find the best option for you to get there, even if the promotional mix might start with Facebook Ads and will reach the efficient TikTok promotion in time. We know how to pay close attention to all details and have the necessary know-how to make any campaign efficient and maximize any investment in this respect.

Ad formats

TikTok allows companies to display ads in the following formats.

In-feed ads

The equivalent of a Facebook in-stream clip, TikTok in-feed ads, or in-flux ads allow one of three models: CPClick, CPM, and CPView. To be considered for CPView, a user must watch the ad for more than 6 seconds. These TikTok promotion models allow users to appreciate, comment, distribute, and interact with the clips, making them ideal for brands looking to grow client engagement.


Since the platform requires that everything posted, including ads, is aligned with the promoted creative content, their integration in users’ feeds is almost seamless. Ads are no longer seen as being intrusive.


Ads must look like the rest of the platform content, even if the concept might seem slightly experimental, and you will feel forced to use completely new formats. Besides, this format does not give a lot of flexibility to the campaign.

Branded Effects:

As far as tried and tested goes, the effects of TikTok promotion are similar to the advertising products offered by Instagram and Snapchat platforms. The most popular are the face filters, the movement effects, and Augmented Reality.


This effect increases engagement and encourages brand involvement in the consumer experience.


This TikTok promotion format is expensive and, unfortunately, difficult to tie to actions at the base of the sales funnel.

TopView and Brand Takeover Ads:

Ads in the Brand Takeover category are the TikTok ads that appear when you open the app. These are hard to miss and can appear on your “ForYou” page as clips, GIFs, or static images. When users open the ad, it can take them to the brand’s TikTok profile or the company’s website.
Almost like in the case of Brand Takeover ads, TopView ads appear 5 seconds after the user opens the app and can be up to 60 seconds in length, the longest format available on the platform. The clips are automatically displayed on full screen with sound, and, once again, similar to those in the Brand Takeover category, they allow the addition of links to internal or external pages.


This TikTok promotion format is difficult to ignore and is considered rather disruptive.


One agent can use this format daily; it is also more expensive than the other types of ads you can auction for.

Hashtag Challenge:

One of the most viral types of TikTok promotion content is the HashtagChallenge, an ad in which users are asked to take part in challenge campaigns that take up to six days. During this time, platform users are asked to create content and be as creative as possible with the concept.

An early example was the #GalaxyA Samsung challenge. German teens were asked to play (in other words, to discover and to present/promote) the TikTok transition functions by drawing the letter A on their palms and making it look like it teleports from one hand to another through these transitions.

TikTok has also launched “Hashtah Challenge Plus,” which allows users to purchase products presented in a Hashtag Challenge without leaving the app


A well-done Hashtag Challenge can create viral content for brands.


Apart from the cost problem, which can be an obstacle for some brands, the campaign must have a brilliant concept. Otherwise, if the idea does not go viral, it will be a failure.

Content is key

Although more effective and interesting, TikTok promotion comes with its own challenges that are new to brands, as users behave differently on this platform. They are incredibly active and more outgoing, as more people tend to get involved, viral content spreads more rapidly, and trends change faster than on other platforms. Our online marketing agency can act like a guide with the help of our specialists, who are constantly up to date with all that is new on the platform.

If, when first exploring the app, you discovered ‘silly,’ creative, and weird content, you got the right idea. How do your brand ads fit here? In a realistic and adapted way. You will have to access the fun and creative side of your brand. However, should this type of ad not be suitable, or you don’t want to do it, then maybe TikTok promotion is not for you.

The lack of creative limits can be discouraging for some companies that are still adapting to this type of promotion or an advantage for companies long waiting for the perfect opportunity to show a new side of their personality and test new concepts away from classical ad channels.

TikTok ads present the ideal opportunity for brands to interact with clients if they habitually answer those who participate in challenges.