Yes, you are in good company!

Businesses worldwide, from small to large enterprises, have joined our HOLD Marketing family.

I am very pleased with the level of involvement and professionalism the team constantly displays. Their specialists are dedicated to our project and constantly come up with innovative ideas that have helped us improve our performance and reach our business objectives. I am inclined to think that this will be a long-term collaboration.

Adrian Pirlogea

Working with HOLD Marketing has been essential to our success in the Black Friday campaigns. Their Performance Marketing team has carefully and effectively managed the Paid Ads campaigns, bringing tangible results for our brand. We appreciate the professionalism and pragmatic approach, which have contributed to reaching Poema’s objectives in a concrete and quantifiable way.

Daniela Cotoi

We couldn’t be happier with HOLD Marketing. Their involvement in our success, data-based solutions, and deep marketing knowledge have helped us get the best results.

Madalina Luca
Femina Medical

Involvement, earnestness, professionalism. I like that they are active and always looking to improve results. With such a great collaboration, you can take care of other aspects of your business and have high-performing marketing. Communication and openness are the qualities I appreciate most, as they are most helpful when you start working with them and later on.

Daniel Boricean

From where I stand, the agency’s strong points are that the assigned project specialist is good at his job and is very responsive to all our requests.

Ancuta Campean

The project management has been excellent. They delivered all materials on time, were attentive to our needs, and ensured that all deliverables were completed with excellent results before the project closed.
I have enjoyed working with a very competent and efficient management team. Throughout our collaboration, they showed exceptional abilities in managing various aspects of the project.

Cristina Lendvai
Marketing Director

Communication with the HOLD team is easy, as they are always open to using all existing channels, are solution-oriented, and are quick to solve our requests. I strongly recommend the HOLD Marketing services to those looking to work with a team they can trust. All the team members are well-trained, professional, and highly involved in what they do. The team is young, enthusiastic, and updated on everything new in their industry.

Anca Emilia Lăcătuș
Alphaville Arena

This was our first experience with a marketing agency, and HOLD Marketing has managed to take over our Google Ads account swiftly and has started bringing in results since the first month.

Our account is extremely well-managed, and the assigned team takes the necessary time to optimize campaigns and develop suggestions and new ideas to help our business grow. We appreciate their transparency, openness, and we like the fact that they really want to have a big input in marketing and business.

Badea Costin
Raft Metal

The company immediately saw tangible results through the Google Ads campaigns managed by HOLD Marketing. The team has kept communication lines open, which has led to a successful collaboration. Overall, contracting the HOLD Marketing team was an investment that has brought great results.

Goghie Alexandru
Algo Capital

I have worked with the HOLD Marketing team to promote my business, and I am extremely satisfied with the results! My sales have exponentially increased, and our whole product array got the attention it deserves through social media posts!

Nicu Catalin Ionut

I have been working with the HOLD team on social media management and performance marketing, and I am very pleased with their attitude, results, and patience. We could see the difference in the account as soon as they took it over. I am extremely satisfied with this collaboration!

Andrei Iordache
Pizza L'assassino

Working with the HOLD Marketing team included the development of a website for my business and the creation of detailed graphic design elements in accordance with the brand I own. I benefited from the support of the entire creative team, who made an effort to do things the way the client liked. Strongly recommend! A-grade, professional team!

Cihan Buyukburc
Alternative Eco Energy

Employing a multilateral promotion—through PPC techniques and a correct SEO approach—I managed to grow brand awareness and sales. My business has gotten all the team’s attention, and they helped me improve my website, so my clients now get the right user experience.

Taner Altintasoglu
Oz Maraton

With the help of the HOLD Marketing team, I developed the presentation website, and with correct SEO implementation, they improved our Google ranking. I am extremely satisfied working with them and strongly recommend this team. They are professional and genuinely interested in helping you get what you want!

Alin Alexe
Terra Partner

A young, professional, and highly dedicated team that delivers real results! We have worked with them to create our website and online advertising, and our collaboration has moved along nicely. They are focused on keeping the client happy while getting them the desired results.

Cristian Puscu
Curtea Regala

Thanks to the HOLD Marketing team, I have brought my business online with a website and a good logo. I also received customized online advertising services, the attention of the entire creative team, and more.

Dana Lazar
Dentist Dana

A 5-star collaboration with the HOLD Marketing team! They helped me successfully promote my business and build a site that sells! Patience, professionalism, and dedication! I strongly recommend their services!

Gabriel Dinca

HOLD Marketing has proved to be a partner that complies with all our needs. Our collaboration made it easy for us to communicate with them, and they were very flexible in meeting our requests. Due to the project’s complexity, new requests come up often, and the HOLD Marketing team has managed to find the time to implement the right solutions every time. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Laurentiu Negres
Happy Mix Grill

I have been working with HOLD Marketing for almost two years. During this time, great things have happened for my company: They completed an optimized and customized website well-suited to my business’s needs and helped me with a PPC strategy that boosted sales and permanently increased product visibility. It is the same with the social media services they included in their offer, which rounded off the collaboration nicely. They are true professionals, and I strongly recommend working with them!

Bogdan Gogosoiu
Casa Bravo - Progopo

Highly professional team with 5-star technical support! I called on the agency services for web development and hosting. Since creating a website is very important to anyone looking to keep up with current trends and the high demand for products on the Internet, they helped me increase my brand’s visibility.

Alexandru Duduiala

I have worked with HOLD Marketing to renew my company’s logo design, a collaboration that has left me satisfied with the results! If I were to describe the experience in two words, they would be dedication and professionalism.

David Iancu
Darmih Decor

A thousand stars for HOLD Marketing. My business has evolved through marketing based on organic growth on social media networks. It is important to establish what is convenient for your type of business, and the HOLD team took my requests into account and has brought their contribution to the improvement of my online organic advertising plan.

Adina Rebecca
Derma Beauty Craiova

A team of young professionals with high standards in solving clients’ needs. We contracted them for online advertising services, and they helped us create a presentation website for my business.

Adriana Predoi
Dr. Adriana Predoi